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Paris Life
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We hope this page will give you an idea of what everyday life is like for us in Paris. Whether it's picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, buying groceries, or walking to work, things are certainly different from what we're used to in Phoenix.

There's something to be said for getting lost in Paris, for simply strolling the streets to discover its mysteries and surprises. Here are a few. At the Arc de Triomphe, you're on the main street in Paris (not easy to be lost here), Avenue des Champs-Élysées. 


Arc de Triomphe.jpg (205608 bytes) Ahhh, the Arc. This is the starting point for most of the patriotic celebrations in Paris. You can go to the top of the Arc and have a great view of Paris and the Champs-Élysées. 



ChampsElysees.jpg (131091 bytes)

The beautiful Champ-Élysées is my route to work everyday. 



Derosier St 1.JPG (83687 bytes)Here is one of the many quaint streets of Paris, rue Des Rosiers. 





snow bike.JPG (165956 bytes) Hugo snow.JPG (193615 bytes) Paris was surprised by five inches of snow during our first winter here. 



  Trocadero 2.JPG (109800 bytes)  menu.JPG (191159 bytes) This is the menu for the day at this cafe at Place du Trocadero.




Bakery 3.JPG (191034 bytes)    Bakery 4.JPG (176919 bytes) Yum. Our favorite bakery. We frequently get a fresh baguette here. The other goodies are wonderful too. And check this link to a webcam at a Paris bakery to see one in action.



Bakery 2.JPG (138628 bytes)  These breads are hollowed out in the center and the soft center portion from the interior is used to make sandwiches that are put back into the hollow center.



City auto.JPG (665956 bytes) With the severe parking problem in Paris, we see a lot of these Smart cars.