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Mr. Sylvain.jpg (124532 bytes)We still don't like taking medicine Pharmacie.jpg (87669 bytes) but it is a pleasure to go to our local "pharmacie" because of the friendly help of Monsieur Sylvain.





Another store.jpg (120338 bytes) 

Here's one of several fruit and vegetable markets that we pass on our way to the Casino supermarket complex. 




Big Decision at Casino.jpg (162206 bytes) I am contemplating what to buy in Casino's meat department for this week's meals.




  Lettuce tomatoes green beans at Casino.jpg (166966 bytes) 

The fresh veggies and fruits are very good, and the pricesFlowers_at_Casino.jpg (191291 bytes) are comparable to the prices in Phoenix. As you can see, we can also buy flowers at the Casino.  



  She said I was dangerous.jpg (136222 bytes) 

    Some of the happy checkers at the Casino. 





Checking her list.jpg (143710 bytes)   French pate.jpg (139484 bytes)

Some of the goodies to buy at the supermarket. Pâté anyone?





Cheese store at Casino.jpg (146334 bytes)  

The best fromage (cheese) store in our neighborhood, where they make their own cheeses, is in the Casino complex. Just before we arrived last fall, there was a cheese festival in Paris with over 1,000 different kinds of cheese. 


   Market at Casino.jpg (133474 bytes) More fruits and veggies.jpg (149925 bytes)

There are three fruit and veggie stores on the way to the Casino supermarket. 

Fruit and Vegetable Shop.jpg (152645 bytes)




Fishmonger.jpg (133851 bytes)  Fishmonger 2.jpg (138308 bytes)

The poissonnerie (fishmonger) near the Casino has fresh seafood everyday. 




Local Hardware Store.jpg (146453 bytes)

Near our apartment is a small hardware store. They even sell little electric scooters for getting around town. I don't think I'd want to tackle the Paris traffic on one of these though. 



 Roasted Chickens.jpg (133332 bytes)  Roasting Chickens.jpg (115280 bytes)

There are several butchers near us as well. You can even buy a freshly BBQ'ed chicken from them for about 8 euros. These photos are taken on the sidewalk. The aroma is wonderful!



Paul's bakery at Casino.jpg (140001 bytes)

Here you see the yummies at Paul's bakery at the Casino supermarket complex. It's one of several nice bakeries in our neighborhood. 



Yikes.jpg (88144 bytes)  Aaaaahhhh Greece.jpg (112772 bytes)  Reading.jpg (105878 bytes) 

These are some of the current ads in the Paris Metro. It's one way to say current on events and opportunities. For some reason, they fascinate me.