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Steve 1 .jpg (165314 bytes)When we need our hair styled we go to Steve. He Steve 2.jpg (166038 bytes)is very friendly and a magician with his hands. I have noticed that my hair and fingernails are growing faster here in Paris than they did when we lived in Phoenix. Do you have any idea what would cause this?



Petite Le Foch 1.jpg (175182 bytes)This is one of our favorite restaurants in our neighborhood. It's family owned and operated. With the small staff and size of the restaurant, they have only six or seven things on the menu every day, but they're always good. We are looking forward to taking you there for a French dining experience when you come for a visit.


Honest Lawyer 1.jpg (201148 bytes)You might appreciate this interesting bar near us. I can think of a lot of good jokes to go with this one. How about you?




Al Dar 1.jpg (210385 bytes)If you like Middle Eastern food, you'll love the Al Dar. It's always busy at night. 




cows.jpg (204598 bytes)I got a chuckle from one of the ads in the metro for Salon d' Agriculture, a show similar to a large state fair. Here, the cows are trying to change their appearance.



Conviv.jpg (213840 bytes)Convivium is our favorite restaurant in Paris so far. The waiter corrected me when I said it's an Italian restaurant, it's Sicilian. However, I think everyone will agree that it's a wonderful restaurant. You might have also noticed the yummy store next to the restaurant.



strike 1.jpg (232432 bytes) There have been strikes and demonstrations strike 2.jpg (236196 bytes)off and on all year concerning the changes the government wants to make in the retirement system for public employees in France. Right now many of them can retire at age fifty, with a very generous amount of retirement pay. The picture on the right shows the effect of the demonstration on the traffic on a nearby street. Normally, the street is very busy. There may be more strikes this fall, as there will be protests over the changes to the retirement plans that were recently passed into law by the government.