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Alma.jpg (93863 bytes)Our first visitor was our friend Alma Gates of Ahwatukee, and she introduced us to two new friends while she was here, Mickey and Katrien Galle from Belgium. We enjoyed a nice dinner with them at Planet Hollywood.



Carlos.jpg (67292 bytes)

Next to arrive was Carlos Rousset, a good friend of ours from Washington, D. C. Lucy, his boxer, was kind enough to let him come to visit us for a few days.



John Crystal.jpg (89549 bytes)In May, John and Crystal Bodily stayed with us for a while. We had a wonderful time showing them Paris in the week they were here. This picture was taken during a Seine River dinner cruise we went on with them to celebrate our 30th anniversary.


Crystal.jpg (217802 bytes)Here is Crystal practicing her French with a local in the gardens at Bercy.