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The Parks
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    Bois de Boulogne, on the northwest side of  the city, has its hippodromes, horse trails, bike paths, wooded hiking trails, and not to be left out, it's trail side cafés. Here you will see children at play, people taking daily constitutionals with or without their dogs, joggers, bikers, and other "cultural activities."  The Bois de Vincennes,  on the other side of town (southeast) and once the hunting grounds for royalty, is today equally beautiful. Photos of this park will be displayed at another time. Be sure to check back later.

  Park path.jpg (135361 bytes) One of the many paths for walking or riding your bike.



  Park.jpg (141621 bytes) Our dogs will love the large playground. 



Park lake.jpg (103493 bytes) You can rent a rowboat and take a leisurely tour of the park on this lake. There are two cafés you can stop at, too, for lunch. One of them is on an island in the middle of the lake.