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The Seine
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Left bank? Right bank? Whichever side you're on, it's all very beautiful! So many of the great icons--Tour Eiffel, Ile de la Cité, the Louvre--are to be found on the river.

Seine at Tower.jpg (82221 bytes)  This is the river from the bridge near the Tour Eiffel. 



Seine Notre Dame.jpg (129119 bytes) The river splits and goes around the island that Notre Dame is on. This is part of the river near Notre Dame. 



  Seine river near Notre Dame.jpg (96147 bytes)  

This is another part of the river just a few blocks away from Notre Dame. 




Seine.jpg (82565 bytes)  Notice the road along the side of the river that you can ride a bike on or go for a nice walk. 




Trocadero 1.jpg (122353 bytes) These cafes are at Place du Trocadero near the river and the Tour Eiffel. You can sit at one of the tables and have a nice cappuccino or lunch and contemplate the tower.



Live pictures of the Seine can be seen on the Internet too, thanks to ABC.