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Notre Dame
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    "Our Lady" is located on the Ile de la Cité, a small island in the middle of the Seine River in the heart of Paris. A cathedral has stood at this location since the sixth century. The current cathedral was constructed in 1163 under the direction of Bishop Maurice de Sully. Some of the beautiful windows are shown at the end of this page.

BonnieNotreDame.jpg (85111 bytes)  This is the main entrance. 


Charlemagne.jpg (156136 bytes)   Charlemagne2.jpg (166832 bytes)   Charlemagne overlooks the front courtyard. 


 FeedingTime.jpg (121155 bytes) The local birds are having a breakfast feast. 



NotreDameSide.jpg (137896 bytes)   NDSide.jpg (122218 bytes) This is the right side of the church with one of the famous rose windows.  



  Gargoyle Full.JPG (676522 bytes)  NDGargoyles.jpg (83265 bytes)  Here you can see the gargoyles used to direct rain water off of the roof and away from the building. 



Flying Buttress.jpg (100536 bytes)These are the famous flying buttresses that help add strength to the building.        




Glass 1.JPG (195747 bytes)

  Glass 2.JPG (164149 bytes)

The large rose windows, like the one in the photo on the far left. were completed in 1270. They do a wonderful job of lighting the interior.  

Glass 3.JPG (189416 bytes)




robe.JPG (192690 bytes)

One of the many articles on display inside Notre Dame.




You can go to for details on the history of the church and more pictures.