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Home Notre Dame Sacre-Coeur Versailles


After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, the construction of a church to the Sacred Heart was proposed for the highest land in Paris, the butte Montmartre. Public subscription fund raising was started. In 1873, the National Assembly declared the construction to be a state undertaking. Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart) was completed in 1914 but was not consecrated until 1919 after World War I had ended. However, there has been perpetual worship there since 1885.

The interior of the church contains one of the world's largest mosaics. It depicts Christ with outstretched arms. The nearby bell tower contains the Savoyarde. Cast in Annecy in 1895, it is one of the worlds heaviest bells at 19 tons.

 secour1.jpg (96210 bytes)

Sacre-Coeur from part way up the steps on the side.



secour2.jpg (107992 bytes)







secour3.jpg (82831 bytes)Sacre-Coeur from part way up the front steps.




steps.jpg (125552 bytes)

Contemplating the climb. We are halfway up the steps at the side of Sacre-Coeur.





street1.jpg (148778 bytes)The steps on the left side of Sacre-Coeur are very picturesque.


street2.jpg (119205 bytes)





city view.jpg (110067 bytes)You have a great view of Paris from Sacre-Coeur.