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The Grand Trianon was erected in 1687-1688 on the site of the former village of Trianon to provide Louis XIV with a retreat at the far end of the garden at Versailles, far from the constraints of power and the crowd of courtiers. It could be reached by boat along the Grand Canal. 

It was reserved for concerts, festivities, and light meals, and was a place of rest, a private area where Louis XIV could invite the ladies of the court. 


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  mal room 2.jpg (337730 bytes)  mal bowl.jpg (392833 bytes) The Malachite Drawing-Room gets its name from the stone slabs given to Napoleon by Czar Alexander I and fashioned into articles for the room in 1809. It was used as the Emperor's State Drawing-Room. 


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The Empress' Bedchamber was occupied by Empress Marie-Louise and then by Queen Marie-Amélie.



Tria room 2.jpg (323827 bytes)  Tria bed 2A.jpg (331778 bytes)This beautiful room is the Queen of Belgium's Bedchamber. In 1845, Louis-Philippe had the former dining room transformed into a bedchamber for his daughter Louise-Marie d'Orleans who had married the King of Belgium. This particular bed once belonged to the Empress Josephine. 




Tria room 1.jpg (308068 bytes) The Mirror Drawing-Room décor dates from the reign of Louis XIV in 1706. 





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The Courtiers' Drawing-Room served as the Courtiers' Antechamber during the reign of Louis XIV and later became known as the Princes' Drawing-Room during the eighteenth century. 




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This room was used as Louis-Philippe's Family Drawing-Room. The family of the king would gather here in the evening. 





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Several of the members of the royal families through the years were quite accomplished at billiards. 




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Until 1703, this room was used as part of an auditorium. Louis XIV had it transformed into a new apartment. The Louis XV had it changed into the Games Room. 




Tria long room.jpg (307230 bytes) The Cotelle Gallery has twenty-four paintings commissioned at the end of 1687, portraying the fountains and groves of Versailles. They provide a valuable account of the appearance of the garden in the seventeenth century. 




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The Emperor's Topographical Cabinet has been recreated as it was when Napoleon I made it into his private apartment. This is the table where he created many of his war plans. 




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This is Emperor's Bedchamber used by Napoleon I. The bed is 63 inches long. 





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The gardens of Trianon were dedicated to flowers, with many varieties chosen not only for their color but for their fragrance. 


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