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Palace fountain.JPG (149670 bytes)The west side of the château faces the fabulous garden.




Vast garden view.JPG (159616 bytes) This is a view of part of the garden from the same location as the previous picture. It looks toward the Grand Canal.




Fountain & Garden.JPG (91897 bytes)The Fountain of Latona illustrates the legend of the mother of Apollo and Diana protecting her children and imploring Jupiter to avenge her. The fountain looks towards the Grand Canal.


Fountain.JPG (73316 bytes) The Fountain of Apollo is near the start of the Grand Canal.




Side fountain.jpg (268292 bytes) This beautiful Pyramid Fountain is on the north side of the château on the way to the Neptune Fountain. It is made of four marble bowls place on top of each other and took three years to build. It is supported by lead tritons, dolphins, and crayfish.  

The walkway from the Pyramid Fountain is called Water Avenue. It has twenty-two small fountains and a large cascading waterfall fountain know as the Nymphs of Diana Bathing. 


dragon 1.jpg (270783 bytes) Water Avenue leads to the Dragon Fountain, which depicts an episode from the legend of Apollo. Python, the serpent slain by the arrow of the young Apollo, is surrounded by dragon 2.jpg (345814 bytes)dolphins and cupids armed with bows and arrows riding on swans. The main water jet reaches to a height of 89 feet.  


At the end of Water Avenue is the Fountain of Neptune. Neptune Fountain, then known as the pond below the Dragon, was built between 1679 and 1681. It was slightly modified in 1736 and sculptural decor was installed in 1740, consisting of three groups: Neptune and Amphitrite, Proteus, and The god Oceanus. The fountain comprises ninety-nine water effects forming a magnificent group. The fountains at the château are active for only a few hours on the weekends. On the day we were there, hundreds of people were sitting on the grass, listening to classical music, and enjoying Neptune's beautiful affects. 

neptune 1.jpg (238622 bytes)    neptune 2.jpg (249768 bytes)    neptune 3.jpg (243714 bytes)


neptune 5.jpg (206360 bytes)    neptune 6.jpg (245907 bytes)    Neptune LARGE.jpg (235885 bytes)


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