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American Cemetery

During the second week of January, we drove to the Normandy area of France. We stayed at a B&B that is about 400 meters from the House 2.jpg (266797 bytes)Gold Beach area where the troops from the UK landed on June 6, 1944. The UK troops came up the road next to the buildings.  The house was built in the seventeenth century. Our room was on the second floor of the building on the right of the picture.

Gold Beach.jpg (198977 bytes)The girls are helping me check out Gold Beach.




Arromanches 1.jpg (242126 bytes)  

   ArromanchesArromanches 2.jpg (208511 bytes)


In the middle of Gold Beach is the town of Arromanches. It  became one of two assembly points for the Mulberry artificial harbors, temporary jetties of prefabricated concrete supports, steel spans, and floating piers that were towed across the channel in sections and arromanches 3.jpg (220020 bytes)aligned perpendicularly to the beach. A similar harbor at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, at Omaha Beach, was destroyed (June 19-22) by harsh storms. Thus, Arromanches became one of the principal offloading areas for Allied troops and supplies until permanent harbors could be repaired elsewhere. The remains of the Mulberry can still be seen in the water. A local museum (Musée du Débarquement) displays artifacts, three-dimensional models, photographs, and film footage related to the Normandy Invasion.

Omaha sign.jpg (123694 bytes)Omaha beach.jpg (176514 bytes)




Omaha Beach is a wide sandy beach at low tide. I think the soldiers landed at low tide so they could see the obstructions that were installed by the German army. 

Bunker entrance.jpg (282177 bytes)

Bonnie is checking out a German bunker that overlooks the beach. Notice how thick the walls are.



Bunker view.jpg (253462 bytes)

This is a view of the beach from the bunker.



View from beach.jpg (220214 bytes)

This is the current view of the beach from the water.



German installation.jpg (310452 bytes)

This German position has a good view of the beach.