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These are pictures of some of the buildings in the area of the Grand Place, the square in the middle of the historic part of Brussels. The very last photo is of a world famous statue that I am sure you will recognize. 


03sml.jpg (115498 bytes)    This is the Hôtel de Ville or City Hall of old Brussels. It's claim to fame is that it has the tallest spire of any building in the square.


                                                               06sml.jpg (181717 bytes)

The Guild Halls were an important part of Brussels society. Facing City Hall on the Grand Place, they are to be found to the left. Most contain small cafés, small shops, or a museum or two. 

08sml.jpg (186951 bytes)  This photo simply shows some of the lovely decorative work on the buildings. Two knights guard the door, with interesting gargoyles to divert rainwater from the building down to the street below.

                                                                                    10sml.jpg (185532 bytes)                

 This is the "King's House" opposite the City Hall, but no king ever lived in the building. It's in the neo-Gothic style, built in 1875, and it houses the City Museum, containing costumes used to dress that famous little statue called the Manneken, maps and models of old Brussels, and a few old paintings and tapestries. You'll notice the stage in the left foreground. There was to be a musical concert that evening. 

19sml.jpg (198370 bytes)  I walked into a quiet little courtyard off of the main square and found this inviting fountain. 



21sml.jpg (185991 bytes)


Just a different view of the Guild Halls.                                           



 23sml.jpg (193013 bytes)          25sml.jpg (157886 bytes)   

These statutes are two of many found around the square. They were painted by local, well-known artists in Belgium. 



24sml.jpg (168167 bytes) This is a street off a near-by shopping center and is famous for the many fine restaurants you'll find along here. It certainly smelled yummy as I walked by and took this picture.                        




28sml.jpg (161392 bytes)

I think this photo is of St. Catherine's Cathedral, just a few blocks from the Grande Place.   



42sml.jpg (181762 bytes)   About three blocks from the Grande Place, you'll find this little statue, the Manneken-Pis. For some reason, it's become a popular tourist site, and people for around the world send in costumes to cover him up. You'll find the costumes in the the City Museum...crates of them.