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"With Renoir canals, pointy gilded architecture, time-tunnel art, and stay-awhile cafes, Bruges (Brugge) is a heavyweight sightseeing destination as well as a joy. Where else can you ride a bike along a canal, munch mussels, wash them down with the world's best beer, savor heavenly chocolate, and see Flemish Primitives and a Michaelangelo, all within 300 meters of a bell tower that rings out "Don't worry, be happy" jingles every 15 minutes? And there's no language barrier." From Rick Steves' France, Belgium & the Netherlands 2002. 


51sml.jpg (213802 bytes)When we left the Bruges train station to start our walk in town we were greeted by this unusual and beautiful spray of flowers. 



56sml.jpg (148850 bytes)This is the Provincial Government Palace at the Grote Market Square. The square is the center of the city and includes architecture from six centuries. 



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57sml.jpg (158239 bytes)This bell tower has watched over the square since 1300. You can walk to the top if you want to try the 366 steps. There are 47 bells in the tower.  



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108sml.jpg (233458 bytes)With all of the canals, Bruges has become known as the Venice of the north. 



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61sml.jpg (118880 bytes)   We had a nice carriage ride around the town. The guide brought her little friend with her. 




77Asml.jpg (62881 bytes) Madonna and Child by Michelangelo is said to be the only statute of his to leave Italy during his lifetime.   



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