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We have added more adventures. There also are several changes and additions to the original pages, including this page.  

We arrived in October 2002 to begin working/living in Paris for at least four years, perhaps eight. Chaos reigned…how to get a phone in our apartment when not speaking much French? How to get an internet connection without speaking much French? Where to buy groceries and how to order from a French menu without speaking much French? Well, you get the idea.

Thankfully, the French continue to be helpful and gracious. They are willing to speak a little English when we try to speak our best French. Rick's French instructor says he is doing well with the proper French pronunciation. But he knows he still has a lot to learn before he can carry on a conversation. 

One of the interesting things that happened involved a phone call from a credit card company. They were concerned that there had been several charges at the Casino in Paris. They wanted to be sure that the charges were okay. After a few chuckles, Rick told them the charges are okay and that they would be seeing several charges at the Casino during our stay in Paris. He also thanked them for watching the transactions and for checking with us. We haven't had anyCheck out lanes at Casino.jpg (132487 bytes) other problems with the card. Oh, by the way, Casino checkers.jpg (142787 bytes) he chuckled so much he forget to tell them that the Casino is a large supermarket chain where we buy most of our groceries. 


Be sure you come back from time to time to read about and see our newest adventure.

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